Backyard Beacons

Firepits are the new backyard status symbol

People across the country have spent a good portion of the past couple years building cozy spots of comfort, whether in home offices, through kitchen remodels or via simple updates of the backyard. One of the most popular home upgrades? You’ve seen them on Instagram, you’ve felt the heat coming from your neighbor’s patio — it’s the humble firepit.

Sales for firepits are up 300% since 2020. Why the burning desire to plop a pit on your patio? Some say it’s our primal need to sit in groups. Firepits are social, cozy, playful and flexible. They set the stage for grilling, roasting, storytelling and warming up on cool nights.

Firepits can also add class to your patio or ambience to your deck and can even create an outdoor great room for you. All this at an entry point of around $200!

Many Options to Choose From

Classic Firepits

Accounting for 57% of all firepits, classic, self-standing, open firepits are the most common.
For safety, place the firepit at least 10 feet from a structure, then rim it with chairs and hand out marshmallows or hot dogs. You’re set for a fun gathering!

Styles range from simple steel cauldrons to expensive but beautiful stone and iron sculpted pits. They burn wood or charcoal. Larger structures keep 78% of their value upon sale of your home. Prices range from $149 to $699.


Chimeneas are firepits with a chimney, which makes them burn hotter and cleaner, keeps smoke from your eyes and adds optional oven features.

Chimeneas can be used to bake bread or pizzas, plus most other foods. Constructed of adobe or clay, cast iron, steel or aluminum, chimeneas keep you warm on cool nights and out of the kitchen on hot evenings. About one in 14 firepits are chimeneas. They range in price from $500 to $5,000

Class up Your Firepit With Special Embers

Fire Tables

The dancing light and gentle heat of fire tables invite cozy outdoor social gatherings. Fire tables sit on a porch, deck or balcony and can be fueled by propane or connected to your natural gas supply (an option that can save you money).

Fire Tables

These firepits burn gas and can be placed on a porch or deck. Clean-burning, permanent-fixture firepits come in stunning stone and metal designs with different types and shapes of burner flames. They account for 21% of the market and range in price from $500 to $13,000.

Backyard Cooking Made Easy

You can find thousands of firepit recipes online, ranging from the simple to the exotic.

Blueberry-Cinnamon Campfire Bread

Fry cinnamon-raisin bread dipped in an egg and milk batter.

Salmon Packets

Wrap in foil a serving of salmon, lemons, a bit of olive oil and sprigs of dill. Toss the foil packet on the firepit, turn it once and serve. One for each guest.

Ham & Jack Pudgy Pie

Grill sandwiches filled with pepper jack cheese and chunks of ham.


Make your own or wrap a frozen pizza in foil and set it on the firepit to bake. It’s that easy!

Campfire Hash

Fill a cast-iron skillet with chopped potatoes, leftover meats and a can of corn.

Pot of S’mores

Line a pan with foil, fill it with crushed graham crackers, mini-marshmallows and chocolate chips and then set it on the firepit. Once the marshmallows and chocolate are melted and gooey, guests can dig in while keeping their hands clean.

Firepits are perfect for grilling and, if they come with a lid, for roasting. (Plus, if your firepit doesn’t have a lid, you can always use foil pouches to do the job.) Use them to sear steaks or hamburgers, fry seafood or pancakes and roast potatoes or vegetables, all while enjoying the fresh air and warmth of the flames.