Plants are one of the best additions to any home. They’re proven to increase productivity and
concentration by up to 15 percent, reduce stress and even boost your mood. Who would say no to so many benefits?

If you’re having trouble picking the type of plant to add to your home, look no further than Bonsai trees.

Bonsai are proven to purify the air and induce calmness. Additionally, they aren’t limited to only one species of tree, as more than 400 plant species can turn into Bonsai trees with proper care and cultivation.

Although primarily developed by the Japanese, Bonsai was originally inspired by the old Chinese art of penjing. With precise trimming and pruning of their foilage and crown, Bonsai trees are carefully shaped into their look. All the time and patience can add up to a hefty price tag. In fact, the most expensive Bonsai was sold for $1.3 million at the International Bonsai Convention in Takamatsu! Thankfully, the popularity of these tiny trees has created enough of a market so they can be sold at more reasonable prices for the everyday person.

Best Bonsai for Your Home

Best for Beginners


The resilient Ficus Bonsai is excellent for beginners. It's also ideal if you don’t have time for regular watering (or have a history of forgetting to water). As a low-maintenance tree, this Bonsai is easy to incorporate into your everyday life. Typically, Bonsai need a lot of humidity to thrive, but the Ficus Bonsai is tolerant of low humidity, making it a great option for various climates.

Best for Indoors


Originally from South Africa, the Jade Bonsai has a thick trunk and intricate branch structure. This is the best Bonsai to cultivate indoors, although it needs to be placed in an area with substantial sunlight. You do have to be careful not to overwater it, since the leaves can retain water easily. Because it’s sensitive to the cold, it’s a great Bonsai to keep in your living room or bedroom. Just make sure you have a well draining pot.

Best for Bloom


This Bonsai is one of the most beautiful ones on this list, but it’s also one of the most difficult ones to care for. It’s known as the “tree of a thousand stars” because of its tiny white flowers that bud in summertime. Because it’s so sensitive to location, temperature, light and water, we recommend only buying this Bonsai once you have experience with some more low-maintenance ones. While it may not be a beginner Bonsai, taking care of it and watching its flowers bloom is certainly worth the effort.

How to Care for Bonsai


Each species of Bonsai has a different tolerance level for water. The size of the tree, climate and the type of soil are factors to consider as well. But don’t worry, if you know the type of Bonsai tree you have, then you can easily figure out how much water it needs.


Since Bonsai are confined to their pot, they need proper fertilizing in order to thrive. Without it, they won't have the correct nutritional content in their soil. When you fertilize your Bonsai regularly during the growing season, your Bonsai will thrive.


Again, each species is diff erent and there are a few other factors that determine the amount of light necessary for each plant.

In the case of an indoor Bonsai, the best placement is at a south-facing window, as
it needs a lot of light to flourish. However, an indoor Bonsai needs more than ample light to survive. Indoor Bonsai may also need a lot of humidity, which you can control with a humidity tray.

On the other hand, an outdoor Bonsai will need to be outside year- round, but you can’t simply stick the Bonsai just anywhere outside and leave it there. They can be quite temperamental, as there's a fine line when it comes to Bonsai, and it may take some time to navigate. For an outdoor Bonsai, place in a bright spot with a lot of light. If you live in a place with hot summers, however, make sure there’s some afternoon shade for your Bonsai.

Bonsai may take a bit more TLC than your typical houseplant, but they are well worth it! They'll bring beauty and a sense of peace into your space, plus they're a great conversation starter!