Trend Alert: Hellenistic Revival

For those who can't get enough of the throwback trends, you’re in luck because future interior trends are rewinding all the way back to Ancient Greece. This mass revival of Hellenistic design has everyone longing for luxurious, cozy details that will transform any home into a fantastical escape.

Here’s everything you need to know about the reemerging Ancient Greek aesthetic and how to pull it off in your space.

What is Hellenistic design?

Ancient Greece, mythology and classicism have long influenced architecture and design. Hellenistic interiors take inspiration from the years that spanned between the death of Alexander the Great in 323 BC and the emergence of the Roman Empire in 27 BC. This period is known for Greece’s conquests across Egypt, Asia and Persia, leading to a melting pot of different styles and cultures.

As a result, Hellenistic design is defined by characteristics of Greco-Roman art, sculpture and statue art and mythical representations. Hellenistic design seamlessly blends a luxe space and a wanderlust environment.

Timeless marble and unique pieces of stone, along with beveled details on kitchen cabinet fronts, dramatic feature lighting and neoclassical-inspired wallpapers, all can find their place in this style.

Why are interiors going back to the ancient times?

The desire to escape reality from time to time is why many designers believe this trend is rapidly growing.

This isn’t the first time the Hellenistic design has made a comeback since its creation. This style was widely popular during the 1980s in both homes and public buildings looking to add a touch of opulence to their design. Fast forward to the 21st century and it’s once again on the rise. Online searches for Hellenistic-related design terms like Corinthian columns, ancient Greece aesthetic and Aphrodite aesthetic wallpaper are skyrocketing.

How to bring the Hellenistic revival into your home

You don’t have to completely re-do your home to take advantage of the regal elements this style is known for. Use these design references and tips to fully reawaken the Hellenistic look in your home.

Corinthian Columns

Classical flair in a modern world

Corinthian-inspired columns can instantly bring a Hellenistic feel to your home. This architectural style is characterized by slender, fluted columns and elaborate decorations of acanthus leaves and scrolls. Shorter columns can serve as side tables for decor or pedestals for potted plants. You can also install larger columns in entryways or backyard spaces to obtain ultimate Ancient Grecian vibes.

Statue Art

Set in stone

Your home deserves a litt le more personality, and Greek-inspired sculptures are just the way to do it. The design will still celebrate the human form but in an elevated and timeless way. If classic statue art is a bit too much, look for fun pop art versions of the classics to add more personality to the space. Just get ready to spend a few hours scrolling through creative works on Etsy.

Organic Accents

A refined twist on bohemia

This time around, the Hellenistic design has seen a more playful take on classicism, with whimsical references that return to minimalism. Instead of relying on ironically literal interpretations of traditional busts, modern decor is leaning toward organic forms that take inspiration from the natural curves and outlines of the body. This is perhaps most obviously displayed through the current popularity of line drawings as wall art and handmade ceramics, which simultaneously enhance a traditionally minimalist aesthetic and pay tribute to authentic Greek flavor.

Intricate Moldings and Trim

A modern Parthenon palace

The architects of ancient Greece were the first to use stylized moldings as structural accents. It helped to visually divide rooms into smaller areas, serving both a practical and aesthetic purpose. So, you’re in good company if you’re thinking of adding decorative, intricate moldings throughout your home. Wall moldings and window trim will echo the character and elegance of centuries-old historical homes.

Neoclassical Inspired Wallpaper

A moment for a Greek goddess

For many, wallpaper brings up images of your grandmother’s home. But modern wallpaper designs are drawing on the past while truly expanding into the future. Try one that embodies Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, beauty and passion. Her symbols include roses, doves, sparrows and myrtle, so look for options with floral patterns, songbird motifs and soft hues against dark backgrounds. This moody, romantic take will add all the whimsical feels to your space.

Fruit Bowls

Functional and delicious design

A simple and affordable way to bring Hellenistic design into your space is with fruit bowls. Many Ancient Greek paintings feature large bowls of fruit on tabletops, filled with crisp apples and juicy grapes. Try adding a sophisticated bowl to your kitchen countertop and fill it with some delicious fruit. This is also a great way to incorporate Grecian inspired painted pottery for a warmer, more artistic appeal.

Greek Architecture to Thank

Ancient Greek buildings have influenced thousands of years of architecture and are still doing so today. The designs prioritized perfection over innovation, creating lasting and inspirational structures for generations to come. So, what are these important examples of Greek architecture? They range from the Acropolis in Athens to temples spread throughout Italy.

Whichever elements you decide to add to your space, have fun with bringing back this ancient style. Embrace the fantasy side and play up the luxurious elements to create a relaxing and fascinating space as timeless as its influence.