Quick Guide to Interior Design Styles

When thinking about interior design, it’s important to take note of the difference between style and trends. In short, trends come and go styles are here to stay.

Styles are the big picture, creating a harmonious flow throughout the house and, when well done, extending to the exterior too. Trends, on the other hand, can change season to season and are what stands out as "dated" when looking at old photos.

While it would be impossible to cover every single interior design style, these are the most popular and widely recognized. As for trends, we’ll leave those to Instagram and TikTok.

Mid-Century Modern

Effortlessly simple, practical and timeless

Main Materials: Mixture of manmade and natural materials including wood, glass, vinyl and fiberglass

Finishing Touches: A colorful starburst clock and a geometric patterned rug

With a sharp focus on function, clean lines and clutter-free spaces, sleek furniture is artfully displayed on top of splayed wooden legs. Outdoor elements work their way inside with potted plants carefully placed to highlight the organic materials in the space. Pops of muted colors sprinkled throughout show the playful side of this timeless style.


Moody and laidback vibes with sophisticated undertones

Main Materials: Brick walls, weathered wood, exposed pipes and ducts

Finishing Touches: Filament bulb light fixtures, vintage furniture featuring casters, brass hardware

Using old factories and warehouses as the main inspiration, exposed structural elements surround open and functional living spaces. Floor-to-ceiling windows help to soften the moody color palette, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.


Knows when to be bold and when to tone it down

Main Materials: A mix of old and new materials and textures

Finishing Touches: A large statement piece or a small collection of accent piece

When incorporating this style, there’s a slim chance of finding any two homes that look the same. They key to this style is the carefully curated pieces that weave old trends into modern day décor to create a cohesive feel. Have fun playing with patterns and textures, but always leave plenty of room for white space and solid colors to keep everything balanced.


Cozy, warm and comfy, the ideal WFH vibe

Main Materials: Wood and stone

Finishing Touches: Faux cowhide or fur rugs and an antler or wagon wheel chandelier

Fully embracing the beauty of the great outdoors, large windows allow for natural light to flood in, merging the outdoors and indoors. Exposed wooden beams across the ceiling and a stone fireplace as the home's centerpiece will create a homey sanctuary. Rustic and industrial styles are often paired together.


The perfect balance of comfort and formal

Main Materials: Dark wood finishes like cherry, oak, mahogany and walnut

Finishing Touches: Crackling fire and recessed bookshelves

Heirloom antiques and floors covered by Persian rugs evoke a sense of history amongst more modern pieces. Crown moulding and other intricate woodwork outline a formal setting for symmetrical arrangements of rounded furniture offering plump pillows to rest on. All of this comes together to create a familiar warmth that invites you back in, time and time again.

Art Deco

Overflowing with opulence, drama and beauty

Main Materials: Velvet, satin and natural stones like jade and obsidian

Finishing Touches: A stylized scalloped mirror, curvy glass accent pieces

Bold, geometric wallpaper covers the room in deep, rich colors. Statement lighting and gold accent pieces are hallmarks to the luxurious allure. Wrapped in velvet or suede, curved furniture will leave the space dripping in luxury.