Fitness Guide to Working Out With Your Pet

Are you a fitness junkie? Are you also a pet parent? From downward dog poses alongside your actual dog to long walks on the beach with your significant other (aka your furry friend), this guide will give you some ideas for spending quality time with your pet while still getting in your workout.

*Disclaimer: Not all pets are the same. Activities will vary depending on your pet type and breed. For example, a German shepherd puppy and a 20-year-old Siamese cat do not have similar interests. Trust us on this one.

Pet Type: Dog

Breed: Yorkshire Terrier

Activity: Casual Stroll

If you have a Yorkie, head out together on a light walk. Yorkies can be energetic, but you have to remember they’re one of the smallest dog breeds. They’re not the best companion for a 15-mile hike in the blazing sun.

Also, they’re not great on a leash and tend to get scared around other people/dogs — especially big dogs. That doesn’t make for the most ideal of circumstances. Try to stick to a walking location where the chances of running into large crowds are unlikely. Essentially, remote locations are best. If this isn’t doable for all the city dwellers out there, stick to indoor fetch sessions and circular strolls through your apartment.

Pet Type: Cat

Breed: British Shorthair

Activity: Indoor workout/ playtime

Most people think of cats as lazy, but their little bodies actually do need exercise. Think about it — at heart, cats are hunters who really benefit from some physical activity to develop their inborn skills.

Try playing some games with your cat, while simultaneously turning it into a workout for you. Try an indoor workout,
and in between each set, use feathers or small balls to play with your cat. We guarantee you’ll both be having a grand ole time.

Pet Type: Parrot

Activity: Yoga

We don’t know many people who have a pet parrot, but we’re not in the business of leaving people out. So here we are — fitness activities for parrot pet parents. Try saying that three times fast: parrot pet parents, parrot pet parents, parrot pet parents.

Anyway, we presume it would be a bad idea to take your parrot outside — so at-home exercise it is! Parrots come with an uncanny natural ability to get excited, be present and speak their mind — always. Given this, opt for some yoga alongside your parrot. If you’re feeling extra daring, take them outside the cage and do a child’s pose. That’s when you’re on your knees and reach your arms straight out in front of you. We can bet your parrot will take this opportunity to land on your arm for the ultimate birdhuman yoga bonding experience.

Pet Type: Dog

Breed: Labrador Retriever

Activity: Hiking

Labs can be some of the most loyal hiking companions. Your lab wants to exercise just as much as you do. Seriously, they have a ton of energy! And what better way to get out all that pent-up energy than with a long hike? So hit the trails with your pup, and don’t forget to bring enough food and water for the both of you!

Pet Type: Rabbit

Breed: Jumping

Okay, this one is a little far out, but stick with us here. In their natural habitat, your rabbit will jump around. What if you turned this activity into a makeshift workout?

It’s time to unleash the bunny and mimic its every move. When it jumps, you jump, until you two are moving in unison. Don’t laugh — this will be a killer, high-intensity workout, and you’ll finally know what life is like as a bunny rabbit.

Pet Type: Dog

Breed: German Shepherd

Activity: Running

German shepherds are packed full of energy! Take that as an opportunity to get into running with your dog. We can just about guarantee they will be eager to join and will be the perfect running buddy.

If you and your dog are new to running, take it slow. You want to ease in with short-distance runs at a steady pace. Your dog might effortlessly break into a fast stride, but it’s important to create structure and set a consistent pace. After a few weeks, you two might bump up the mileage a bit. Who knows!

Ever notice how pets and their owners always seem to look alike? A hilarious concept, yet also so weirdly accurate that you sometimes have to do a double-take. We likely do this subconsciously because we want to have some kind of deeper connection with our furry friends. It only makes sense that we gravitate toward a pet type or breed that has a mini-me resemblance. But looks aren’t the only thing that makes that special bond; it’s quality time, as well. Depending on your pet, that quality time could mean different things, like lots of cuddles and chill time or a 10-mile run through the mountains. Take your pick.