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Essential Living magazine
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Stand out, stay personal, stay top of mind

Essential Living is a combination of professional, easy-reading lifestyle content that's sure to stick around in people's homes, along with custom pages that position YOU as an expert in your field.

Captivating Content

Feel-good articles on topics such as food, home, hobby, exercise, pets and more!

Your personally branded magazine

Your clients get to see YOU on and in each issue of Essential Living. With four pages of personalized content – including the critical front and back covers – Essential Living keeps you top of mind and relevant!

Front cover

Your photo, logo and contact information – right on the front cover.

Inside cover

Totally customizable editor’s letter – use our letter, make a few changes, or write one of your own!

Inside back cover

Choose from a wide array of full-page ads (or submit artwork of your own!)

Back cover

Select a powerful call to action for the back cover (or provide your own artwork!)

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