Competitive eating has carved a unique niche in the world of sports and entertainment. These captivating events combine a raw determination and a hearty appetite to create a spectacle that has garnered a passionate following worldwide. From pizza to bratwursts and tamales to egg rolls, competitive eating has evolved into a global phenomenon.


These reigning champs have trained their guts like athletes train their muscles, pushing the limits and defying all logic.

Joey Chestnut

This guy is the Michael Jordan of competitive eating. He currently holds 55 world records across 55 disciplines, including the world hot dog eating record, which he set by devouring 76 hot dogs in 10 minutes.

Miki Sudo

With a stomach much larger than his ego, this world champion is too busy inhaling 21 pounds of strawberry cheesecake in eight minutes to be able to brag about his numerous world records.

Geoffrey Esper

Setting records around the world, Miki is the queen of the sport. Some of her most impressive wins include chowing down 14 pounds of wild rice hotdish in just eight minutes and demolishing 16.5 pints of vanilla ice cream in six minutes.


Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest

Total Prize Purse: $40,000

Coney Island, NY

Held annually on the Fourth of July, this contest is the Super Bowl of competitive eating. Contestants must eat as many hot dogs in buns as they can in 10 minutes. Eaters need to be top finishers at a qualifying event in order to compete in the big showdown. The tradition dates back to 1916 when it first began as a patriotic publicity stunt. Today, it is a global sensation.

The Great Midwest Rib Fest World Rib Eating Championship

Prior Lake, MN

Total Prize Purse: $4,000

Held in the heart of the Midwest, this championship attracts competitive eaters eager to showcase their prowess by consuming as many pounds of ribs as possible in 12 minutes. Miki Sudo smoked the competition in 2023 by consuming 5.2 pounds, while the last place finisher ate 1.6 pounds.

The National Sweet Corn Eating Championship

West Palm Beach, FL

Total Prize Purse: $6,100

Taking place during the annual Sweet Corn Fiesta, participants see who can munch down the most ears of corn before the buzzer goes off. While opponents face off against each other for the year’s winning title, the real competitor is the seemingly unbreakable world record of 61.75 ears of corn.

Wonderful Pistachios Get Crackin’ Eating Championship

Santa Monica, CA

Total Prize Purse: $10,000

Held on World Pistachio Day, this contest not only puts contenders’ stomachs to the test but also their shell-cracking skills. With the timer set for eight minutes, challengers get cracking to shell and eat the largest amount of pistachios. It may be the only competition that makes eating sound like the easy part.

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