Poolside sunbathing; waterslides; fancy, frosty drinks — the world’s current circumstances might put a little damper on some people’s spring break. But there’s no reason to let it get you down! It’s still possible to have a splashy vacation a whole lot closer to home. (And you can’t deny that it’s cheaper, too!) Read on for spring break ideas that’ll be just as much of an escape as you’d find on a glittering white sand beach!

Be Prepared

Whether you’re doing a staycation or a regional getaway, the first thing you’ll want to do is make sure your vacation is just as relaxing as any other year. Just because you’re sticking closer to home doesn’t mean you should have to deal with the stresses of everyday life.

For starters, take some time off work. Even if you’re working from home, that’s no reason to let your career infringe on your “me time!” Update your email’s out of office autoreply and resist the temptation to check up on work just because your office is right there. You are just as much on vacation as you would be in Orlando or Cabo, which means you’re in a no-email zone.

Make your home more of a getaway. Take some time before your staycation starts to take care of household chores, like tidying up or cleaning out the fridge. Then, by the time you officially enter relaxation mode, you can focus on the fun stuff — or do nothing.

“Beach” Reads

It’s a common temptation to take a heavy book along on vacation (or staycation) to make the most of that time and get some “high quality” reading in. Whether it’s

a lengthy biography, a dense fantasy novel, or a well-respected classic—there’s no need to stress out by feeling obligated to finish a tough read. Treat yourself to some lighter fare instead — think of what you might call “beach reading.” Something a little on the pulpier side will be easier to get through and probably more fun! There’s no shame in reading something a little (or a lot) self-indulgent, especially when you’re on vacation — and you are, no matter how close you are to home. Curl up on the couch with tea and a cozy blanket and get to reading a real page-turner.

Around Town Cuisine

You may be sticking closer to home, but you can still find some culinary adventures! Try a few
new recipes or takeout lunches to pep up a picnic. Even if the kitchen isn’t where you find your Zen, you can still eat well without
a whole lot of effort. You can find simple, delicious recipes all over the internet, some of which take only one pot and cook up quickly! Of course, you could also eat takeout the whole time — you’re on vacation, after all! Why not pick a new restaurant (or two) that you’ve wanted to try?

Feeling nostalgic for the flavors of vacations past? Try whipping up something that reminds you of your favorite trips! If you like theme parks, try a copycat recipe for Disneyworld’s Dole Whips; if you prefer the beach, make homemade ice cream (or margaritas)! Another of our top choices for hometown spring break activities: Put together a map of a donut shop, bakery, and ice creamery. Then take the afternoon road trip of your (and your kids’) dreams.

Get Adventurous

Of course, vacation isn’t just for us couch potatoes. While it’s perfectly fine to take some time to practice relaxation and self-care, sometimes a bit of adventure can be just as refreshing. Camping isn’t for the faint of heart, but it can be incredibly rewarding and create great memories! If you’d like something a bit less intense, try taking a hike at a local or state park — or even just a long walk around the neighborhood. Walking is a great low-impact exercise, with all kinds of health benefits!

If you’ve got kids, find ways to get them outside. Visit playgrounds, have a picnic in the park, or find attractions that are staying open safely, like zoos. If there’s still snow on the ground over your spring break, take them out in the yard and help them build an epic snow fort — then show no mercy in the ensuing snowball fight. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy: a kid outdoors is almost always a happy kid!

Bon Voyage!


Though it might take a little extra coordinating to turn your home into a vacation spot ready for total relaxation, it’s entirely possible to have a fulfilling, memorable spring break without moving an inch! Break out your best pajamas and cozy up, or venture out to local nature havens and get the recreation you deserve this spring!

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