Mother’s Day is the time to celebrate your
original BFF — moms, grandmas and/or all
of the motherly figures in your life. With May quickly
approaching, we’ve put together a list of thoughtful
DIY and customized gifts the extraordinary women
in your life are sure to love. After all, a personalized
touch always means the most! And whether you’re a
craft maven or more suited for the custom gift, your
mom will know it came from the heart.

Sending Love from Miles Away with Long-Distance Coffee Mugs

If you’re living away from home for the first time or haven’t had a chance to make it back home in a while, your mom is probably suffering from a severe case of FOMO and missing you like crazy. This coffee mug is the perfect heartwarming gift to keep you and your mom connected while you’re living a little further away than she’d like. Let’s be honest: as much as you wish that buzzing notification was from someone cancelling plans, it’s almost always your mom. Even though it might be annoying right now, there will come a time when you will appreciate her daily (or hourly) check-ins. Show her your love with a personalized mug showing both of your states. Before you know it, it’ll be the only thing she drinks her morning coffee in. Check out places like Etsy, Amazon and Shutterfly to order yours.

The Gift of Memories

With the hundreds upon hundreds of gift options out there, sometimes it’s the personalized ones that can really hit home. If you’ve been looking to put some serious thought into her gift this year, a photo collage phone case is the way to go. That way, she’ll have a little piece of the fam tagging along in her purse every day. After all, there’s nothing a mom loves more than showing off pictures of her kids! This photo gift gives her an all-access pass to do just that. And you can have fun with it. Pick a couple of throwback photos with heart-filled mems, but don’t forget about the funny ones too. You can even add in a few selfies. Whatever you go with, your mom will know it came from the heart. If you really want to impress, print the photos out and create a scrapbook!

Spa in a Box

Let Mom know how appreciated she is this Mother’s Day with a gift fit for a luxurious day of pampering. A Spa in a Box is a super cute idea that can be super personalized. First, choose your box (craft stores are a great place to look). Next, get to decorating the outside with ribbons, bows or floral decals. As for the elements of your spa box, you can make this with the products she’d never treat herself to — fill it up with mini bottles of bubble bath, travel-size lotions and small candles. Pick a theme surrounding your mom’s favorite scent, or create a variety pack with different ones. And if you want to get even more crafty with your gift, you can make your own bath bombs or scented soaps.

Painted Flower Pots

For the mother who is also a proud plant mom, a new piece of pottery is always a win. You can
find an array of terra-cotta pots at your local craft store. Just add a bit of paint and transform it into a one-of-a-kind gift.
How extensively you paint your pottery is up to you, but slight pops of color are fairly simple to achieve. Hint: a bit of tape can help alleviate drips if you’re doing some color blocking, or help you create straight lines for geometric designs. And for a bedazzled effect, use a hot glue gun and rhinestones to create a mosaic-like design.

Personalized Mason Jars

If your skills are more culinary than crafty, a personalized mason jar filled with garden and kitchen bounty will make for a delightful gift. You can fill each one with herbs from your garden, pickled veggies, or homemade nut butter. Creating a bespoke set of mason jars is simple and requires just a few items from the craft store and a hot glue gun. If you’re going for rustic simplicity, try twine or pieces of burlap attached to the top. Circles of lace and floral details on the lid can create a more elegant look. The result is a charming (and delicious!) gift that can be reused as other vessels again and again.

Handmade Charm Bracelet

A handmade piece of jewelry makes for a perfectly heartwarming gift. You’ll find everything you need
for a beautifully unique charm bracelet at your local craft store or online, including beads, pendants, tools and instructional books. When choosing the look of your bracelet, think about your mother’s interests, or memories you’ve
shared. Perhaps it’s a pendant symbolizing her favorite hobby, or a seashell to commemorate a beloved beach trip. And of course, you can bring an instant smile to her face with beads arranged in three precious little letters: M-O-M.

Letters of Love

For a truly heartwarming gift, you can put together a book of handwritten letters from your little kiddos. If they can’t write the letters themselves, have them tell you all the reasons they love mom. For extra bonus points, they can also draw a family portrait on the back of the letters. Mom will feel so cherished, and she deserves it! Think about all the things she does for her kids (and husband) each and every day.

A personalized touch always means the most! Your mom will know it came from the heart.

Painted Stones

Okay, the kids may need a bit of help on this one…but shhh, we won’t tell Mom. Here are some ideas that Dad or a big sibling can help with. If your littles aren’t quite old enough to buy their own Mother’s Day gifts, they can still show Mom how much they love her. Because there’s nothing that means more to a mom than her kids. The best way to make her feel loved and appreciated is to give her a thoughtful present that causes some tears (the happy kind!).

Your little ones will have fun putting all their love into this
crafty gift. First, gather some smooth, flat stones, or buy them
from a craft or hardware store. Thoroughly wash and dry
your stones before painting. Then, let your creativity flow!
The possibilities are really endless with a project like
this. Paint flowers, bees or butterflies. Turn a stone into
a cute creature with just a few brushstrokes or paint an
inspirational word. If the stones will be outside, just make
sure to use specialized outdoor paint that’s non-toxic and
weatherproof. Wherever Mom chooses to display these,
they will always be a great reminder of how much she
is loved.

Always remember to show love and
appreciation for the women who have
never stopping taking care of us.

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