High-intensity interval training offers quick hits of fitness

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) optimizes maximum effort in short bursts of time to get major results. HIIT manages to raise your heart rate, blast fat and strengthen your muscles, all in 30 minutes, tops. In fact, it’s so intense you’ll keep burning calories for hours after you’ve finished, so it’s important to take a day or two off between workouts.

No Gym. No Problem.

Not only are HIIT workouts fast, but they can be done anywhere, with no equipment needed. Basement, garage, backyard — if you’ve got a little space, you’ve got your own gym. Talk about an efficient way to exercise!


The main goal of HIIT is to aim for 80-95 % of your maximum heart rate during the intense intervals and around 60-65% while recovering. If you don’t have a heart rate monitor, push yourself to the point of not being able to have a conversation.

To find your max heart rate, subtract your age from 220. Take the percentages from there.


1. Choose your heart rate goal.

Between 80-95% of max heart rate

2. Pick your total duration

Can range from 5-30 minutes

3. Intensity-to-Recovery Ratio

It will vary from person to person but common ratios are
60 sec. / 60 sec.
45 sec. / 30 sec.
20 sec./ 10 sec.

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Any plyometric exercise can be used for HIIT, But here are some ideas:


• Superman plank

• Bicycle crunches

• Pushups

• Air squats


• High knees

• Burpees

• Sprints

• Jumping jacks


Do each exercise for 40 seconds, followed by a 20-second recovery. Repeat 3 times for a total of 15 minutes.

• Pushups

• Jumping jacks

• Superman plank

• High knees

• Bicycle crunches

Don't forget to do a proper warmup and cool down.

It’s no easy task, but many agree, HIIT is way more fun and beneficial than running on a treadmill for hours.

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