Do you have a room in your home that’s small and seemingly difficult to decorate? Does it feel cluttered, no matter how you organize it?

Well, we have some tips to add space to small rooms without a major renovation. So, read along as we go over how you can expertly decorate a small bedroom, living room or kitchen.

How to Decorate Any Small Room

No matter which room you’re dealing with, there are some essential tips and tricks to keep in mind while decorating.

1. Before jumping into decorating, one of the best places to start is by getting rid of old items you no longer need. This will help to declutter and free up space.

2. Next, add more layered lighting, like floor lamps and task lamps, multipurpose furniture and area rugs to help define spaces.

3. Finally, hang sheer curtains higher than the window frames, which can help to create an open and airy feeling.

However, when it comes to decorating a small space, there are different factors to consider depending on the room.

The Bedroom

Having a small bedroom means getting creative while storing your belongings and decorating the space. Here are some ways to free up some space and maximize every square foot.

1. Utilize storage space under your bed to keep items out of sight and take up less floor space

2. Decorate with houseplants to bring in color. Faux greenery works great too if sunlight is scarce.

3. Incorporate large mirrors to visually enhance and enlarge the room.

The Living Room

Small living rooms can be just as functional as larger living rooms when styled right.

1. Use light and neutral wall colors to open the space. Add pops of color with decor or throw pillows and blankets.

2. Maximize vertical space by adding tall shelves. Not only does this direct the eyes upward, but it also provides more storage. Just be sure to keep the shelves tidy and not cluttered.

3. Create a focal point with a gallery wall above the sofa. This anchors the space and distracts from the size of the room.

However, when it comes to decorating a small space, there are different factors to consider depending on the room.

The Kitchen

Here’s how you can turn your small kitchen into a space you love.

1. Hang pots, pans and large utensils above your counter or island within arm’s reach to save cabinet space.

2. Use backless stools to add seating and make it easy to tuck them away under the counter.

3. Choose an eye-catching backsplash to add a fun pop of personality that will open up the space.

Even if your small room isn’t ideal, you don’t need to knock down walls to add more space. With a little decluttering, organizing and some tricks to distract the eye, you can make any space feel larger than it is!

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