Glowing skin is always fashionable

Year after year, the one thing that never goes out of style is radiant and healthy skin. From high tech to the bare minimum, these beauty tools will help you look and feel your best.

At-Home Brow Lift Kit

Brow lifting or what’s commonly called brow lamination uses chemical lotions to put the hairs into the desired shape before they are fixed into place with a water-soluble adhesive. (Are you having flashbacks to perms?) This technique creates a very natural, fuller look and lasts around six weeks for those who don’t like committing to beauty trends.

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Elevate The Beauty Eyebrow and Lash Lamination Kit

Not only will you save time not having to fill in your brows every day, but you can do it yourself from the comfort of your own home.

Microcurrent Facial Device

Microcurrent devices are having a moment that isn’t going away anytime soon. Using low-grade electrical currents, these devices give your face muscles a workout to help them appear more lifted and toned.

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NuFACE FIX Line Smoothing Device

LED Light Mask

LED light therapy uses low-level, skin-safe lights that target common skin issues. While LED lights aren’t anything new, using them for skincare is a fairly recent development. With an increase in popularity and people taking note of the results from treatments at the doctor’s office, at home light therapy masks have made their way to the market and look like they came directly from the future.

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CurrentBody Skin LED Mask

This treatment can help rid the signs of aging, tighten skin and stimulate collagen. Although not the cheapest beauty tool, the promising results and ease of use make the masks an attractive sell.

Ghu Sha

We aren’t saying you have to throw your jade roller away, but you do have to add a gua sha to your collection. The facial technique of gua sha has evolved over centuries from a full-body treatment to a scraping motion along the face and eventually to a soft gliding motion across the face which is how most people use this technique today. The gua sha method offers many benefits, which include decreasing inflammation and puffiness, reducing dark circles, stimulating circulation and brightening complexion.

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Herbivore Rose Quartz Gua Sha


Skinimalism is fighting back against the multistep skin regimens that not only require an entire drawer of products but also require so much time you have to schedule them into your routine. Skinimalism is the exact opposite of all that. Focused on quality over quantity when it comes to a skincare routine, it embraces the minimalist movement to do more with less. Products are packed with active ingredients that are multitasking, making your day and night regime quick and easy. Although they may cost more than other products, the results and time saved will be well worth it.

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Emma Hardie Protect & Prime SPF 30

While not a tool, this beauty trend is having a heavy influence on beauty tools and products.

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