Red, white and rosé is the new red, white and blue.
It’s no secret that wine is trending. We would even go as far as to say that wine is the new beer! You can get it in a box, a can or a bottle, and you can even have it delivered directly to your doorstep without ever needing to leave the couch. Can I get a heck yes?
The digital age has allowed us to get wine on demand with a variety of wine delivery services and apps, and new technologies mean your options are always changing. Luckily, we’re here to help you stay up-to-date on the various new trends when it comes to wine. Keep reading to learn what’s hip in wine-drinking today.

Who’s the Trendiest of Them All?

Wine in a Can

Canned wine has actually been around for a while, but it just recently got super trendy. For the past five years, it’s been more of an under-the-radar way of drinking wine. Now it’s very popular, and we can understand why. Canned wine is convenient, portable and way better for the environment than wine in glass bottles. Plus, for some reason, any drink tastes better out of a can. Soda and beer — watch out. You now have some competition in the refrigerated aisles. Canned wine is coming for you.

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BABE Rosé Wine with Bubbles

MOVO Wine Spritzers

Beach Juice

Upcoming Trend

Rosé in the Winter

Too often, rosé is restricted to summer. There’s even a company that has capitalized on this idea, calling their rosé Summer Water. When you think of cold, snowy winters, perhaps you think of never-ending bottles of red. However, rosé is really starting to show its seasonal range. Why not drink it all year long? Dare we say Summer Water in the wintertime? I’ll call it Winter Water. Groundbreaking, I know. 

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El Coto Rioja Rosé

La Bastide Blanche Bandol Rosé

Beckmen Vineyards Purisima Mountain Vineyard Grenache Rosé

Wine Region to Watch

South Africa

When Cabernet Sauvignon comes to mind, most people think of the iconic Bordeaux in France (with Napa Valley, California, coming in at a close second place). But some new competition is entering the arena: South Africa is making amazing Bordeaux-style blends that will satisfy even the most refined palates. In fact, many connoisseurs are flocking to South African wines, placing such high demand that these wines never seem to be in stock. This level of exclusivity and appeal has made the South Africa wine region one to watch.

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Keermont Estate Reserve Red Blend

Babylonstoren Nebukadnesar 2018

The Big Easy Red Blend Stellenbosch 2017

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Lini 910 Labrusca Lambrusco Rosso

La Marca Prosecco

Jansz Tasmania Brut Rosé

Wine with the Most Buzz

Sparkling Wine

What’s the difference between champagne and sparkling wine, you may ask? Well, champagne can only be called “champagne” if it comes from Champagne, France. That’s a true story. Everything else is called “brut” or “prosecco,” aka sparkling wine. But don’t worry, sparkling wine is just as bubbly and refreshing as the bottles coming straight out of Champagne (the region, not the product itself). 

Newest Way to Purchase

Wine at Your Doorstep

Thanks to modern technology, it’s now way easier and more convenient to shop online for your essentials — wine included. In recent years, tons of wine delivery services have popped up, from companies that offer thousands of options to others that feature a more curated selection. Either way, purchasing your wine online is entirely possible, and increasingly popular. 

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Who's Making a Comeback?


Unfortunately for Merlot, it’s often thought of as an unfashionable wine. But it’s finally coming back into style. Believe it or not, Merlot is actually a fashionable and chic wine choice. Many family-owned estates across the right bank of Bordeaux make fantastic blends based on Merlot. And here’s the best part: they’re very affordable. Many of these bottles cost under $20, yet are still fresh, bold and pack a solid alcohol content percentage. 

top picks

Chateau Puygueraud, 2016

Benziger Merlot, 2016

Markham Merlot, 2017

Because of the high demand placed on wine, invention and innovation are growing in the winemaker and drinker community. These days, the old ways of wine are a thing of the past. Instead, this tech-savvy generation is changing the way you sell and buy wine. We want our wine, and we want it now. Hop on the bandwagon and enjoy the benefits of these advances in wine.

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