The 4 yoga poses to help you de-stress this spring


It’s easy to get down and feel stressed out, what with winter winding up and the pandemic keeping so many doors shut. Yoga is one simple way to slip the bonds of stress. Whether you’re just stepping away from your desk for a couple sun salutations or you’re nama-staying in the yoga zone with daily prolonged practices, you’ll derive benefits from moving your body and freeing up a little headspace.

Warrior Two

This pose is great for anyone who spends their day sitting behind a desk. Disentangle yourself from your chair by hopping up and getting into this modified lunge. Warrior one aids your balance, improves your coordination and helps you build strength.

Tree Pose

Balance — not just the key to yoga, but the key to life. Gaze off into the distance as you pull yourself up, up, up onto one leg. Tree pose has all kinds of modifications (close your eyes if it feels too easy!) to challenge beginners and practiced yogis alike.

Upward Facing Dog

The less famous of the dog poses, updog gives sedentary pupils the spinal stretch they need. By giving your back some love and attention, practicing this pose can improve your posture — and probably your outlook on life.

Seated Forward Fold

You’ve probably noticed by now that it’s all about balance; if you’re going to bend back, you’ve got to bend forward, as well. Experienced seated forward folders know that it’s not about touch your forehead to your shins, it’s simply about finding your edge as you reach forward.

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