A bedroom that reflects your style and provides a peaceful sanctuary can have a positive impact on your mood, sleep quality and overall well-being. With a few simple upgrades, you can transform your bedroom into a space that you love to spend time in and that promotes relaxation and rejuvenation.

Whether you're looking to add a new layer of style and personality to the room or simply create a more functional space, here are some unexpected ways to upgrade your bedroom.

Swap Out the Bedding

Investing in a new set of bedding is an often overlooked way to instantly update a bedroom. Add a throw blanket and a few complementary throw pillows for a professionally designed look.

• Linen bedding has a relaxed and effortless look that creates a cozy, yet sophisticated atmosphere. The textured material adds visual interest and depth to your space.

• Velvet instantly creates a cozy and luxurious feel in your bedroom. If a full velvet duvet is too much, try adding just a touch with throw pillows or a blanket.

• A duvet cover with a bold or unique print can add personality and style to your bedding. Look for options with geometric patterns, floral prints or abstract designs to make a statement in the room.

• Quilted bedding has a timeless, traditional look that can add texture and interest to your bedroom. Opt for a quilted comforter or throw that complements your decor style and color palette.

Create an Accent Ceiling

You might think you don’t notice your ceiling, but you probably look at it more than you realize. On top of adding major visual interest to a space, an accent ceiling also draws the eye upwards, creating the illusion of a taller ceiling, which can help make a room feel more open. Turning your ceiling into a work of art can be as simple as extending the wall color onto the ceiling or using wallpaper with a print that reflects your personality and style. Coffered ceilings, which feature recessed panels, will transform any room into a modern and elegant oasis.

Make a Space to Relax

Creating a reading space in your bedroom is a great way to update the look and feel of your room. Start by selecting a cozy chair or chaise lounge and placing it in a corner of the room. To create the perfect ambiance, add soft lighting with a reading lamp and a small table or ottoman to hold your favorite books or magazines. Whether you prefer a quiet space to read before bed or a comfortable spot to spend a lazy weekend morning, a reading nook is a great addition to any bedroom.

Rearrange Your Furniture

Sometimes, all it takes to update a room is a fresh perspective. Try rearranging your furniture to create a new layout and maximize your space. Experiment with different arrangements and consider adding or removing pieces to create a more streamlined and cohesive look.

Define a Dressing Room

Defining a space to try on clothes in your bedroom can also be a fun and functional update. Start by selecting a full-length mirror and placing it in a well-lit area of the room. You can then add a clothing rack or hooks to hold your favorite outfits, as well as a small stool or bench to sit on while trying on shoes or accessories. Consider adding a rug or mat to create a defined space and make the area feel more inviting.

Install Statement Lighting

Swapping out your outdated light fixture for a statement piece is a quick and easy way to create a dramatic focal point. Whether you opt for a glamorous chandelier, a sleek pendant light or a minimalist wall sconce, statement lighting can transform the look and feel of your room.

Other small updates that can make a big difference:

• Swap out outdated hardware on dressers or nightstands.

• Install unique and eye-catching shelving to display your favorite decorative objects or books.

• Add a statement piece of furniture, like a vintage dresser or a sleek modern chair, to elevate the room’s design.

• Add texture with a statement rug.

• Hang a piece of artwork or a gallery wall above your bed.

With these simple tips and tricks, you’ll have a brand new bedroom in no time!

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