Sheds are no longer just a place to store lawnmowers and grow an endless supply of cobwebs. The He Shed. The She Shed. These days, lots of people are transforming their tiny backyard sheds into the coolest part of their homes.

If your shed is unused and unloved, grab a little inspiration on Pinterest and showcase your creative side. And if you really need the storage space for your mower and leaf blower and all the things it takes to maintain a backyard, you can still have a classic shed on the inside without letting it get boring on the outside. You’ll see…

So stop thinking of your shed as an eyesore or another thing on the to-do list and start imagining it as a bonus space! Here are just some ways you can convert your shed into the envy of the neighborhood. (Now be sure to note — you should follow all your local codes when it comes to adding or adapting any of the structures on your property!)


If you didn’t know, tiny houses are having a moment. The explosion of the #TinyHome hashtag on Instagram and TikTok is the dead giveaway. Maybe it’s time for you to join in on the fun! Sheds make the perfect framework to create your dream tiny home. You have to admit, there’s some appeal to living more modestly. It’s compact, efficient and even portable! Did we mention it also makes a great in-law suite?


A crowded gym definitely has its drawbacks, from the occupied treadmills and ellipticals to the limited choices at the dumbbell rack. Luckily, all of the personal fitness equipment you own (and always use) now has its very own home!

Blast your favorite playlist on a Bluetooth speaker and get that iron-pumping session in! You have to put that new Peleton somewhere, right?


But what if you want both? An incredible decor element right in the middle of your backyard and a cool-looking shed. If that sounds like you, focus on the exterior. Transform it into an enchanting, charming piece right in the middle of your backyard. You could do this with cedar shingles, a bold paint color or simply by adding windows and shutters on either side.

A classic. If we’re being honest with ourselves, a garden shed is still an essential part of most backyards. It provides the space to store garden tools and outside machines without turning the garage into a cluttered mess.


Sometimes you need to go back to the basics. With a shed, this means turning it into a makeshift greenhouse.

The shed’s access to sunlight and insulated warmth will make for a great home for your little seedlings. It’s also an excellent way to keep any critters away from your thriving fruits and veggies. Simply add a few windows and shelving units and you’ll be good to go. It will be like your very own pop-up produce farm stand!


If you’re a work-from-home kind of person, a dedicated workspace is a must. And sometimes the teeny tiny closet at the end of the hall — aka the only available space with your family of four — just doesn’t cut it.

Here’s a very different option: turn your shed into your home office. Think about it, you’ll have your very own place with nothing but peace and quiet and the freedom to make the room truly yours. Not only will you have a decked-out, work-from-home shed to make all your coworkers jealous, but you’ll have a fun commute to work again!


You don’t have to hop on a plane every time you want to get away. Taking a vacation could be as easy as a walk into your backyard, whether your shed’s an intimate cottage for watching movies or your special oasis to escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Turn your shed into a private getaway with some rugs, chairs and artwork.

For full resort feels, create a porch or patio area to set out some chairs and enjoy the sounds of nature.


As long as man caves are a thing, it’s only fair that the women of the world get a little something too. So try out … The She Shed. It’s a place to call your own and do whatever your heart desires — read, meditate, take a nap. Oh yeah, and no boys allowed!

Obviously, you’ve got a lot of shed options. If you’re thinking about shedding up your backyard, consider first what you’ll be using your shed for — storage, office, exercise, meditation. Once you’ve got that pinned down, look in the mirror and ask yourself how hard you can DIY. If you’re not afraid of swinging a hammer, places like the Home Depot or Costco offer plenty of different styles, along with materials for you to build your own. If you’re averse to dirt, companies like Tuff Shed will build on-site for you.

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