Outdoor spaces are now just an extension of our homes and another opportunity to create a space that perfectly matches our personalities. However, no matter what your dream outdoor oasis is, every good yard has a few elements.

• String lights: Not only are they functional, but they instantly give your space a major glow-up with a warm and relaxing welcome.

• Shade: Go all out with a covered patio or keep it simple with a sunshade.

• Speaker System: Whether you’re cooking, gardening, entertaining or just hanging out, having a speaker to set the mood with your favorite playlist is an absolute must.


You see your outdoor space as a blank canvas, ready to fill with blossoming flowers and delicious vegetables. With your green thumb, you have the magic to make any space into a beautiful garden wonderland.

the setup

There’s nothing like taming a tiny corner of the great outdoors. Gardeners want to flex their green thumbs not only as a relaxing hobby, but also as a way of creating a calming space that allows the whole household to get closer to nature. From the storage shed tools to the raised bed veggies, a backyard that’s alive and blooming is a great escape.

raised beds

Raised beds are perfect for growing your vegetable harvest. You’ll notice how much happier your plants are with better drainage, and you’ll save time by not having to weed constantly. You can get creative with the height and shape of them to best fit your space.

storage shed

Keep all your tools and supplies nice and organized in a storage shed. Choosing one that complements your house will add major points to your curb appeal.

clear walkways

Designated walkways are essential for keeping both you and your plants safe. Use stones or bricks to create the path, and line them with flowers or solar-powered lights for an extra touch.

potting station

Potting is a messy task, and while a potting station may not eliminate all the mess, it will at least contain it to one area. It will also help to organize the supplies needed so you can be more efficient. You can create your own potting station by upcycling an old dresser or desk.

finishing touches

As you probably know, a garden is never quite complete. As you work on turning it into a masterpiece, you can add other small elements like birdhouses, old bikes with flowers in their baskets and a plant ladder when you run out of space. The little details will add charm and make your garden totally yours.

storage shed


From the very first chop to the very last bite, you love creating and enjoying delicious food. It just so happens that your friends and family love your cooking too, so it’s time to create the ultimate outdoor kitchen experience.

the setup

Just like in your home, the kitchen is the main focal point of your outdoor living space. No more running
back inside every time you forget something — now it’s all right in front of you.

grills & ovens

What would an outdoor kitchen be without a grill? It’s the most popular feature of any outdoor space, and considering your yard is focused on the kitchen, it only makes sense to have the best of the best. In fact, you’re so committed to your choice, it’s built right into your counter.

However, you’re not one to limit your choices when it comes to cooking methods, which is why you have a Kamado grill at the ready.

If you happen to be a chef with a major love of pizza, it certainly wouldn’t hurt to have a pizza oven on hand for Friday nights. Three grills that can take some wear and tear is important for all the meals you plan on making in the coming years.

prep space & sink

The prep space and sink area is where you spend a lot of your time testing recipes, making marinades and chopping vegetables. Having an area that can take some wear and tear is important for all the meals you plan on making in the coming years.

the ingredients

Food is only as good as the ingredients you put in it, and you’re not one to settle for low quality. Any good chef knows the best ingredients are fresh and local, so you’re getting as fresh and local as possible with a full herb and veggie garden just a few steps away.

eating area

Finish off your dream space with the perfect patio to fit all your friends and family who can’t get enough of your cooking.


When your group gets together, there’s no question about who’s hosting. You can turn an ordinary day into a reason to celebrate with friends and family.

the setup

Having multiple areas for people to break away from the main group is a little detail that can make a big difference when you have a large gathering. Even when you’re outside, the noise level can quickly increase when you add in multiple conversations, some music and kids playing in the background. Guests will appreciate having some options to sit and talk at a normal level. Adding small side tables or a coffee table will also let them enjoy a bite to eat without trying to balance their drink at the same time.

the open patio

Also known as the outdoor living room, this space is perfect for creating different sitting areas for friends and family to gather. Tables, sofas and even a swinging hammock will all add to the cozy living room vibe. Add in some throw pillows and blankets to keep guests extra comfortable.

oversized lawn games

Sure, regular games can be fun, but nothing will unleash guests’ competitive side like a giant game of Connect Four. Put out two or three mega-sized versions of classic games and your party may turn into the ultimate lawn game tournament.

the pool

A pool doesn’t have to take up your entire yard in order to be the biggest hit at the party. A small pool can often be just enough for adults and kids to enjoy. It also creates a perfect sitting area, whether guests dip their toes in or hang out on the deck. When hosting a party, have a few towels readily available for guests to use if needed.

the fire table

Adding a fire table will not only elevate your space but also create an instant gathering spot. As the night progresses, it’s common for this area to become the main place people end up. Keeping some extra chairs nearby will make sure guests feel welcome.


After a day of work, you switch into vacation mode. Whether you’re reading a new novel, binging the latest show or simply unwinding, nobody can lounge like you, and for that, everyone is jealous.

the setup

Let’s be honest, it doesn’t get more chill than a rooftop deck. You’ve proven you don’t need a large space to create something incredible. This outdoor space brings all the hip vibes and is definitely the envy of the neighborhood.


Whether you’re watching the big game or the hottest blockbuster of the summer, you have the best of the best equipment to see and hear the action in vivid detail. With a few couches and a hammock, you may never leave your roof again.


Of course, every good rooftop deck is part of a bar, and your space is no exception. Yours is fully stocked with plenty of drinks and snacks to share.

finishing touches

Your rooftop deck has all the necessities for all-day and all-night lounging. You’ve thought through all the details from a sun umbrella, a fan and even furniture that doubles as storage. Everyone who gets the chance to come by is taking notes.

No matter your personality, your outdoor space is full of untapped potential waiting to be cracked open and turned into your dream oasis. With a little imagination and online inspiration, your ordinary roof or yard can be
transformed into your favorite part of the house.

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