Refreshing and airy, energetic and bright or calming and subtle, the aesthetic and vibe of a room are often set by the colors on the walls. While repainting a room is a cost-effective way to give a space a refreshed look, it’s not always a quick and easy process. Moving furniture, laying down sheets of plastic and lining ceilings with blue tape is time-consuming, but let’s be honest — the real prep work is deciding on a color. With so many options and slight variations of each other, it can be exhausting to choose the perfect one.

If you’ve tried to look online for some inspiration, you most likely noticed the endless articles on neutral colors. While you can never go wrong with a gorgeous soft sage or light gray, you might find that switching things up with the unexpected is just what your space needs. We’ve flipped through swatch after swatch to find the perfect color that will totally transform your space into something better than you ever would have imagined.


Sherwin Williams 9001
Vibe: Casually sophisticated

Audrey’s Blush is as versatile as it is stunning. It brings a warm softness to a space while still being bold enough to make a statement. Use it in your living room with velvet textures and small touches of gold to create a space that looks like it was effortlessly curated by a high-end designer. If it doesn’t quite go with the rest of your living space, try it in your bedroom for a ravishing refresh. Pair it with similar colors used for accent pieces, contrasted by light beige bedding for a dreamy sanctuary.


Valspar 3010-3
Vibe: Fresh and cheerful

Choosing a yellow paint color can be tricky: how it looks in the can or on the sample is much different from how it will look on your walls. The amount of sunlight and the other surface finishes will impact how the color turns out. So while it may take some trial and error to get it right, finding the perfect yellow for your kitchen is so well worth it.

Heraldic Gold instantly brightens a space. What better place to bring a splash of sunshine than the kitchen? Going with this vivid yellow will also save you work since you’ll want to contain it to a small accent wall or use it as the backdrop behind the sink.


Sherwin Williams 9145
Vibe: Calming charm

Sleepy Hollow is the charming hue you never knew you needed. Simple and soft, it creates a serene and quiet backdrop for your living space. To experience this color to its fullest, use it in rooms with the most natural light for an open and airy feel. In large spaces, this blue lets black pop for an elegant and timeless look. When working in smaller rooms, you’ll want to use it as an accent wall with white to make the room feel the largest. With no chance of going out of style, you can use Sleepy Hollow to take on larger projects like kitchen cabinets or even your home exterior.


BEHR P490-7
Vibe: Relaxed and refreshed

If you dream of sandy beaches and glistening water, this one is for you. This gorgeous blue is bold and bright but is also careful not to be overly flashy. Mayan Treasure strikes a perfect balance so you can add it into your home without fear that the color will be overwhelming or that you will get tired of it too soon.


Benjamin Moore AF-290
Vibe: Invigorating and full of attitude

Add major personality to your space with Benjamin Moore’s Caliente. This rich and warm color will boost the mood of any room and create the energized atmosphere you’ve been looking for. Painting an entire room red can create a pretty overwhelming space, so it’s best to use this color to add a touch of pizzazz where needed. Like hot pepper, a little bit can go a long way. Use it for an accent wall in your bedroom, styled with dark green fabrics and gold décor pieces for a little glamour.


Valspar 4009-2
Vibe: Classic drama

Black is probably the last color that comes to mind when thinking of giving your space a refreshing new look, but no other color can compete if you want to achieve a modern vibe.

If you feel a little intimidated by the thought of a dark black space, Noir is perfect for you. The charcoal undertones keep things from getting too dark and depressing, while still offering all the elegance that black can bring. You can also play with high contrast by using it as an accent to white walls and furniture to create a striking statement. Refine your space even more by adding walnut accent pieces into the mix, and HGTV might just start following you for interior design inspiration.

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