Curb appeal is the real estate equivalent of a first impression on a blind date. And let’s be honest – first impressions can often make it or break it. For dating, it’s the connection. For curb appeal, it’s the undeniable charm. With either, you know it when you see it, and it’s easy to notice when it’s missing. Luckily, if your home is lacking curb appeal, it can be a relatively easy fix. (Unfortunately, we don’t offer dating advice if your blind date didn’t go well, so you’ll have to figure out how to fix that one for yourself.)

Here are some quick tips and tricks to make your home stand out among the others on the block.


As the seasons shift and the aisles at Target start to fill up with new seasonal décor, most of us immediately think about decorating the inside of our homes. But the outside deserves just as much love.

Set the mood with seasonal décor pieces, both inside and out. During the holidays, give your home’s exterior all the festive feels. You could hang a wreath on the front door, string some festive lights and add some accent pieces to the porch. It doesn’t need to be over the top – even the small details can make a big difference.

Spring is all about fresh florals, while summer brings the beachy vibes and autumn is for pumpkin-themed everything. This may sound basic, but sprinkling in a little bit of detail and personality can go a long way.

A Welcome to All

Sometimes a charming home starts at the front door. And nothing says, “Come on in!” like a cute doormat. Plus, doormats are easy to change up from season to season, or just because.

If you have the extra room, add some texture to the space by layering an expressional mat over a mini outdoor patio rug. Picture this: a plaid-patterned rug underneath the welcome mat with a funny saying on it. It’s functional, it’s welcoming and it even calls for a little giggle.

Get a “Hedge” of the Game

The name of the game is curb appeal, and your yard’s landscaping is king. Don’t worry, you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars at a nursery for new trees, bushes and flowers.

Instead, you can give your current landscaping situation a facelift. Start with a well-maintained lawn, hedged shrubs and trimmed branches. And if you want to go the extra mile, get some fresh mulch and spread it where needed.

In with the New, Out With the Old

Curb appeal is all in the details — from the landscaping in the front yard to the mailbox down the driveway. There’s nothing worse than an old, dated mailbox that looks like it will topple over at any moment.

If this sounds like your home, it may be time to give your mailbox an upgrade. Most are pretty affordable and easy to install. You could even get something with your family’s name written on the outside, which feels extra friendly and welcoming. While you are setting up your new mailbox, you should also take the time to clean the area around it. Surround it with stones for low-key maintenance or add some perennials for extra color and charm.

“POP!” Goes the Front Door

Carrying a thoughtful color palette throughout your home and onto your doorstep will help make everything feel more cohesive. But the front door is your chance to land a wow factor! It’s the perfect spot to mix in a bold color, like a deep berry tone, bright yellow or even matte black. If you’re more of a minimalist, go for a tried and true neutral, like white, gray or beige.

No matter what color you choose, it will have a big impact on curb appeal. A fresh coat of paint really does wonders for the overall aesthetic of a home.

Right Out of a Magazine

The idea of decorating can feel overwhelming, time-consuming and, most of all, expensive. The process usually goes like this: countless hours scrolling through Pinterest for inspiration, followed by several trips to Target and the accumulation of junk that never winds up getting used.

But adding curb appeal to your home doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. It can be something as simple as cutting the grass, adding a few potted plants to the front porch or incorporating a cute welcome mat. With a little TLC, your front yard will look Insta-worthy in no time!

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