Interior design styles have often filled our homes with elements like shiplap accent walls and vintage pieces. However, across all the various styles and elements, there has always seemed to be one thing missing — a touch of magic. Until now.

Whimsigothic mixes a touch of cluttercore, two pinches of boho, a sprinkle of eclectic and an ample dose of dark academia to create a warm and lush style that will leave you totally enchanted.

Although this dark and dreamy style is currently having a major moment, it first came into the limelight during the ‘90s, when you wouldn’t dare miss the newest episode of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” or “Charmed.”

Drawing inspiration from goth’s dark and opulent side and cottagecore’s whimsy and lightheartedness, whimsigothic strikes a perfect balance between the two.

The style thrives off deep colors and rich textures, while effortlessly incorporating lighter hues, floral touches and playful décor for a space that is draped in fanciful drama.

How to Get the Look

Part of what makes whimsigothic magical is its ability to match the personality of the individual. One might choose to go with a more romantic take on the style, adding vintage floral patterns and lace, while another may lean into dark academia with floor-to-ceiling bookshelves and a leather chair. Although the final details depend on personal taste, there are some must-haves when it comes to creating a whimsigothic home.

The Colors

Blank white walls won’t get you very far when incorporating this style into your space. Walls covered in deep jewel tones or patterned wallpaper featuring a Victorian damask will help set the tone for the rest of the room. If you’re feeling extra bold, go for all black walls to fully embrace the style. An emerald velvet couch or a dark vintage Moroccan rug with pops of gold will help tie the look together.

Mixed Textures

Layer a variety of textures throughout the space to create maximum drama. Think dark wood finishes with a plush rug, a silky tablecloth surrounded by upholstered leather seating and velvet accent pillows against a chiffon blanket.

The Decor

This is where the magic happens. While the possibilities of decorating your space are just about endless, any whimsigothic interior should have a golden ornate mirror, a gorgeous candelabra (or two) and plenty of sprawling plants to fill the space.

A mismatched collection of thrifted trinkets on the table, stained glass art in the windows, shelves lined with apothecary jars and framed floral drawings on the wall will come together to create a touch of magic. Floor-length curtains, dried flowers in a tall vase and a sun catcher or two will flawlessly complement the rest of the décor.

When shopping for the perfect pieces, try to stick with authentic antique and vintage elements. You can’t go wrong with distressed tables, claw foot chairs and furniture with intricate carvings to complete your space.

Whether you just want to try a new style in your home or are relishing in the nostalgia for the ‘90s, designing a whimsigothical escape is a great way to add some major character to your home and show off your dynamic personality.

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