Slow clap for entertainers who can turn an average Saturday night into an elevated weekend dinner or a meaningful moment into an intimate celebration between friends and family.

So, how is it done? Well, it takes time, effort and insane attention to detail. I know what you might be thinking — who has the time, and frankly patience, for that? 

Fret not, our party planning tips will turn you into the host you’ve always wanted to be (without the hours of prep, endless trips to the grocery store, a few failed dessert test runs and of course some more planning to top it all off). 

Keep reading to learn how to plan the Pinterest-worthy shindig of your dreams. 

#1 Pick a Theme

Sounds corny right? Wrong! Nothing gets people excited like a good-ole themed party. Go ahead and pick the craziest, most extreme theme you can think of! 

Just kidding. If your guests are strongly encouraged to show up in a Halloween costume in the middle of summer, that 100% would be corny, with a sprinkle of tacky. Instead of writing out strict demands for your attendees’ attire, treat a theme like a common set of guidelines to create an atmosphere with your color palette, décor, tablespace, food, etc. 

Luckily, themed parties are pretty easy to pull off. Whatever season you’re in, that’s the theme. Boom, done. 

For example, the holiday season naturally calls for endless greenery, like garlands around your tablespace and wreaths hanging in the windows. Simple elements like that will bring texture to your space. 

2. Pick a Color Palette 

Now that you have a general idea on the theme, it’s time to get granular and pick a color palette. Carrying thoughtful colors throughout the party will help make everything feel more cohesive. 

Start with the neutrals (white, gray, brown and beige) and mix in hints of color that provide a wow factor. 

For a Thanksgiving party (hello pumpkin-spiced lattes), this could be a subtle orange shade, deep berry tone or luminous gold accent. 

3. The Décor 

Decorating for a party is so much more than just festooning a mantel and tree during the holiday season or providing a big-ole stuffed turkey for Thanksgiving. It’s an opportunity to fill your home with timeless style and warmth that’ll pull everything together. And there are countless ways to do it! 

Let’s start with the tablescape. Any Pinterest-worthy party has an intricate, yet simple tablescape. Start with a simple placemat to ground the look and incorporate one of your neutral colors. Layer it with your favorite dishware and flatware, as well as an elegant linen napkin. Add in a functional centerpiece, like a breadboard or serving tray. And finish it off with a festive garnish filling up any empty space, which will give your tablespace a more natural feeling. 

4. Add in Some Finishing Touches 

You’re just about done! Layer in some unique pieces that may or may not be meant for décor purposes. For example, during the holiday season you could try something like a vintage ornament centerpiece or light-filled lantern to add a personal touch. 

Let’s Get This Party Started! 

Some of us just have an extra dose of desire to entertain, no matter the season. Subconsciously we may be collecting little bits of inspiration and watching trends to incorporate into our next get-together. However, when it comes down to putting everything together, it may be more difficult than previously thought. 

It’s important to remember that entertaining is more than just laying out a table with décor that matches your chosen color palette. It’s about gathering with loved ones to celebrate a birthday or simply enjoy a home-cooked meal together. All that other stuff, i.e., color palettes and on-point décor, is just extra. 

But we have to admit, there’s no better feeling than putting together a notable party. 

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