Nature will have some competiton with these spring decor ideas.

April showers brought May flowers to brighten up the world outside. Now, it’s time for spring-inspired
home décor to brighten up your home on the inside, finally vanishing those winter blues.

And you don’t need to go full-on Joanna Gaines to springify your space. Try these simple tweaks that will leave your home feeling light, airy and refreshed!


This one may seem like a given, but our daily surroundings can really influence our mood and the way we feel. Ditch the dreary winter colors that have been keeping us hibernating for months on end and add some nature into the mix with fresh florals. Nothing screams spring like a centerpiece bouquet of colorful, blooming flowers!

If flower arrangements really aren’t your thing, houseplants and succulents make a great addition, and you don’t need to be constantly buying new ones. If your last houseplant didn’t do so well, don’t despair — bring in the greens with something faux. Trust us, your mother-in-law won’t know the difference.

Mother Nature's Space

Although Mother Nature does most of the work for decorating the outdoors, she can’t do it all! Each spring, do a big refresh (and cleaning) outside. There are plenty of creative ways to incorporate the warmth of spring on your front porch, outdoor deck or apartment balcony. You could pick out a new doormat, or hang flower baskets and a new spring-inspired wreath on the front door. Plus, don’t forget to rake up all the leaves left behind from the cold months.

Make a statement

Set the scene for spring with some statement accent pieces. You can place these throughout your house and in your outdoor space to tie together all the spring colors. Vibrant accessories, unique vases and even artwork can help to lighten up a room from those muted winter tones.


As nature gets reenergized with green grass and bright flowers, you’ll start to feel reenergized too! Show off that energy with a new rug. Rugs are a fun way to add some color and personality to a space without much work.
Try a funky rug with bright and bold colors in the main living area. It could be the wow factor you never knew
you needed.

Pops of Color

If you have throw pillows lying around your house that are in desperate need of an upgrade, dress them up with covers that give you all the spring vibes. Swap out those heavy winter wool throws for something lighter, like linen. Throw pillows and blankets are a great opportunity to add pops of color and texture to make your space cheery and inviting.


The first signs of spring can give us the mental refresh we need. It’s also the perfect time to give our homes a much-needed refresh as well. Go through your house and be sure there are no lingering signs of winter. This can include the hidden Santa that you thought it would be funny for someone to find (and of course they never did). And don’t forget to swap out the peppermint candles for a fresh scent, like lavender or rose!


Using seasonal pieces can help change up the look of your home throughout the year, without breaking the bank. Your tablescape is the perfect example of this. For a spring table setting, fresh florals are a must. You can even continue this floral theme into your dinnerware, with colorful plates and linens. There’s no better way to welcome in a new season than making it the centerpiece for your next gathering with friends and family.


At the start of each season, we can tell a new story within our homes. For spring, this means adding natural elements that will help make our spaces lighter and brighter. Time to let in the sunshine!

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